Friday, June 15, 2012

Dynamic IP Address assignment using FreeRadius IP POOL or radippool table

The following steps needs to be performed to configure a user for dynamic IP configuration setup.
  • Add username/password to “radcheck” table.
  • Map user to relevant dynamic user group in “radusergrop” table
  • Map the dynamic user group to “Pool-Name” attribute’s value in “radgroupcheck” table
  • Populate “radippool” table with the dynamic IP addresses and the relevant pool name.
  • Example:
 Configure a dynamic IP user setup for 254 users. Following data will be used for our example;

 Username:  foo@domain
 Groupname: dynamic_test
 Pool-Name: dynamic_pool
 IP range:
 First start with adding the user "foo@domain” to “radcheck” table.

  • Map user “foo@cerbereus" to the group “dynamic_test” in the “radusergroup” table, e.g.
 Username:       Groupname       : Priority
 foo@cerberus:   dynamic_test    :   1

  • Map the dynamic user group (dynamic_test) to Pool-name attributes in “radgroupcheck” table.
 Groupname:           attribute :     op        :               Value 
 Dynamic_test:        Pool-Name       :         :=         :   dynamic_pool

  • Add the IP addresses into the “radippool” table, as:
 Pool_name :     Framedipaddress



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