Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Auto Voice/VoIP VLAN and Data Vlan assignment to Phone and Desktop on Extreme Switch using LLDP

There are cases where one needs to deploy the VoIP phones in the existing network and due to lack of internal cabling you cant connect IPphones separately to switches.

The VoIP phones are usually connected to the switch and a Desktop is connected to IPphone as show below

In this scenario we can use LLDP ( Link layer discovery protocol) to advertise the Voice vlan details to IPphone so that we can get IP addresses on VoIP LAN and can add priority to the VoIP traffic. 

Basic requirement : The VoIP phone should be LLDP capable

Below is the configuration required on Extreme Switch

Create Voice Vlan and we will use default Vlan for the Data Network

create vlan "VOICE"
configure vlan VOICE tag 100
configure vlan Default add ports 1:1 untagged
configure vlan VOICE add ports 1:1 tagged

Configure LLDP on the interface

configure lldp transmit-interval 5
enable lldp ports 1:1
configure lldp port 1:1 advertise port-description
configure lldp port 1:1 advertise system-name
configure lldp port 1:1 advertise system-capabilities
configure lldp port 1:1 advertise management-address

configure lldp port 1:1 advertise vendor-specific dot1 vlan-name vlan VOICE
configure lldp port 1:1 advertise vendor-specific med policy application voice vlan VOICE dscp 46

This is it and switch is now configured to advertise Voice Vlan via LLDP to the phone and Data Vlan will be sent as untagged

Happy Calling..!!

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